Aarsh Gurukul

Swami Satyapati ji always wanted that there should be a Gurukul where Brhamcharies can be provided with all required facilities to persue study of our Aarsh Granths. Fulfilling his wish Acharya Gyaneshwer ji started a Gurukul in Year 2013 with following aims.

  • Create facilities in Ashram where Brhamcharies can avail free lodging, boarding, clothing, books etc.
  • Provide library consisting of Aarsh Granths.
  • Organize long term programs where Brhamcharies get learns Aarsh Granths.
  • Organize shot term programs for Grihasthies and Vanprasthies.
  • Conduct classis as per the traditions of Gurukul.
  • Invite learned Acharyas to be part of Ashram.
  • Give admission to deserving candidates for specific programs.

At Present programs for learning following Granths are Conducted.

  • Sanskrit Language.
  • Sanskrit Vyakran.
  • Sanskrit Varnochchar
  • Ashtadhyayi Sutra Path.
  • Ashtadhyayi Prathmavritti.
  • Ashtadhyayi Dhwityavritti.
  • Mahabhashya.
  • 11 Upnishads.
  • Vedant Darshan.