Our aim is to serve the society in a true Rishi tradition.
We intend to spread the knowledge of Veda and the Rishi knowledge

for the well being of Spirit, mind, body and the society. We would like the human race to return to the Vedic way of life including the true varna and ashram system in the society.

We want the whole of human race to live in a state of brother hood without any segregation on the grounds of country, race, creed, cast, language or gender. Our motto is "Krinvanto Vishvam aryam" - make the whole world noble.

This is only possible if every body has the true knowledge about God, spirit, nature and Veda. At Vaanaprastha Saadhak Ashram we are working toward this goal by providing the right environment and education. We are preparing scholars who are versed in the Vedic knowledge. We also hold Yog (meditation) and Yajya shivirs for the public and visit cities to give lectures on subjects useful to the general public.