Vedic Adhyatmik Nyas

Based on Swami Satyapati ji’s wishes Vedic Adhyatmik Nyas was found and first joint introductory conference was held on 14th- 15th January 2012 at Vanprastha Sadhak Ashram, Rojad, Gujarat. It was attended by Vedic Scholars. A seven member committee for caring out various activities of the Nyas.

Objective of Nyas :

  • Propagate Arsh/Vedic Yoga.
  • To train scholars in Arsh Gurukul Method.
  • To write in simple and clear language in line with Vedic Principle Arsh Granth.
  • Provide scholarships.
  • To promote research on Arsh Granth etc.
  • Membership of Nyash. (1) Adhyatmik Member. (2) Associate Mamber.