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The life story of revered swaami satyapati ji parivraajak is an inspiring, live example of the purest form of vedik-life structure. Born in a poverty – stricken & illiterate family, swaamiji remained illiterate till the age of 20. In the wake of the wisdom & experience of asceticism from previous births, the life took an important turn.Through perseverance & endurance driven by burning desire, Swamiji took the life on to the peak & set himself as an example of ideal vedik-lifestyle in front of contemporary society of hopeless condition from the point of veiw of vedik ideals.

For over 50 years, swamiji expounded to thousands of people, about true god, modus operandi of achieving Him,the solutions to the potential obstacles on the path, acquiring the means & all the related matters of spirituality. Swaamiji is a great philosopher, devotee of sages, saviour of vedik-custom and is an ideal sage in himself.

Every single word he speaks, he writes, he answeres erases the existing vices of falsity, leziness, disappointment, selfishness etc. from the minds of people and imbue them with the virtues of strength, encouragement, perseverance, confidence etc.

 20 years ago, in 1986 swaamiji has established DARSHAN YOG MAHAVIDYALAYA for the making of ascetic, perseverant philosophers. Till now over 45 scholars from 14 states have been graduated and are working in various places across the country and in abroad. To aid financially, the scholers and the institutions engaged in making scholars, swaamiji has founded the trust “VISWA KALYAAN DHARMAARDHA NYAAS.” “VAAN PRASTHA SAADHAK AASHRAM” has been founded by swaamiji for the spiritual evolution of the middle-aged people who have fulfilled their family responsibilities.(through perseverance, self-study, and service)

To spread to the world the vedik custom, education, culture, thought, social structure etc. are the main objectives of the aashram

Vanprasth Sadhak Ashram is situated at 1.5km from Rojad which is 70km away from Ahmadabad on Ahmedabad-Modasa road (S.H # 68).

For permanent and long term residents, a well-planed and disciplined daily routine including practise of yoga, self study and service is a must.

Yoga related necessary, subtle concepts will be taught to achieve upper-class knowledge and asceticism. Daily performance of holy-fire (agnihotra) one hour each in the morning and in the evening is inevitable.

Perseverants, according to their eligibility, will be taught the language and grammer of sanskrit,darshans,upanishads, vedas, smritis etc. for 2-3 hours a day.

According to their eligibility and qualification, vaanaprasthis will work for office-management, guest-care, administration, dining hall, gardening, building construction, correspondence,sick-service, 16 rituals,etc. for 2-3 hours daily.

The aashram(hermitage) has been formally opened through the lotus hands of revered swaamiji, in november 2005, by consecreting 10 people into the 3rd phase of vedik social system the “VAANAPRASTH”. The trustees and the people closely associated with aashram were alloted their residences (kutirs).

Till the date(April-2014) the construction of 50 kutirs(around 300sqft.each), underground meditation hall(110x40ft.), over-head water tank(51,000 ltr.), 20 guest rooms, kitchen and dining hall has completed.

The great works of sages and other renowned scholars, in the realm of vedic, spiritual literature, have been published in many languages in beautiful & attractive form of books, c.d’s, calendars, pamphlets, photos etc., and are distributed & gifted to the people, in India and in abroad, who are associated with the ashram, to institutions and to others who deserve. In festivals, seminars and other programs of aryasamaj in various places, these literature have been distributed through stalls. Over 175 lakhs of Rupees have been spent on the publication and distribution.

For many years the Aasharam has been financially aiding the dairy farms run by Aarayavan, rojad and by many other institutions accross the country . Lakhs of rupees have been given away. Also support has been given to open new dairy farms.

In an expanse of 12 acres of land of the Aasharam, thousands of medicinal, fruit giving plants have been planted.

Practical yog training camps, Practical Havan training camps, seminars, lectures, festivals etc. will be organized time to time.The consecreted vanaprasthis will be trained and sent to the places in close vicinity to perform vedik rituals like name giving to the new born, havan for peace etc. Giving lectures accordingly will be a part of training.

Hundreds of practical yog training camps have been conducted by Revered swaamiji and his disciples accross the country and in abroad in which thousands of people have been enlightened about the true god and the true way of worshiping Him.

In various states, accross the country, many vedik-custom followers have been turned towards performing daily havan in their homes.

In the year 2006 a mighty, catastrophic earthquake hit Bhuj(katchch dt.) of Gujarat. Thousands of people were victimized. Broken-hearted, the ashram has extended its helping hand and served vigorously for 21 days. The victims were served with food, wheat-flour, cloths, blankets, utensils, tent and money etc.

In the year 2005 Gujarat was hit by mighty floods. thousands of people were victimized. The ashram has vigorously extended its helping hand in many areas by distributing food and by conducting medical camps.

A residential school is proposed for brahmacharis with the aim to teach the language and grammer of sanskrit.

Founded by Swaamiji, with the aim to aid the students financially, the viswa kalyan dharmardh nyas identifies eligible, brilliant celebate boys and girls studying in vedic gurukuls and provides scholarships. Eligible vedic scholars will be felicitated.

We feel great pleasure to say that, hundreds of people across the country, inspired by their inner feelings to promote vedic culture, have been pouring on us their physical, mental and financial help. We are extremely grateful to all of them and their families. May all of them be blessed with devine inner peace, happiness, good health, spirituality, freedom, prosperity and abundance be with them.

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