Born in 1927 in Muslim family of village Farmana, Dist. Rohtak, Haryana, he spent the days of his youth amongst the village folk tending the daily chores and up to the age of 19 did not received any formal education. He learnt Hindi alphabets through his own initiative with the help of few individuals.

The partition of India and the carnage that followed, murder of innocent people, women and children distressed him so much that waves of Vairagya (renunciation) arose in his heart. Cutting the family ties he ventured out in search of the truth. He adopted Hindu religion and was then named as Manudev. He quickly learnt Hindi and Sanskrit and plunged into the study of the spiritual literature . He was strongly influenced by the teachings of Maharshi Dayanand & the Satyarthprakash.

There from, he learnt the education system of medieval india and benefits of Yoga. He then took a vow to devote his life to the spread of Yoga to the humanity. At the age of 22 he entered the Arsha Gurukul at Jhajjar. For over twelve years he received his education from the learned Acharyas, studied vedic grammar, Darshanas, Upanishadas and the Vedas. After completing his studies he moved out to carry the message to the people of the country. In 1970 he took diksha from Swami Brahmmuni. 

Swami Satyapatiji

He continued to travel all over India to impart practical training in Kriyatmak Yoga. By organizing such Yoga Shivirs (Camps) he has inspired thousands of people towards spiritual path. He has traveled abroad viz. Australia and Mauritius for spread of Vedic Dharma. For training and extending assistance to the Vedic scholars he founded ideal institutions viz.

Darshan Yoga Mahavidyalaya, Arsha Gurukul – Sundarpur & Vishva Kalyan Dharmarth Trust. His life is devoted to the service of humanity. There is no difference between his word and his deeds. True to his name he has profound faith in the gospel of truth. He is very meticulous in his teachings and adheres strictly to time schedules; never wastes even a minute. He has trained a large number of scholars who are now engaged in propagation of Vedic Dharma in far corners of India and abroad.

He has written spiritual books viz. Yoga Mimansa, Saral Yog se Ishvar Shakshatkar, Yogdarshanam (Yogarth Prakash Commentary).

In 1999 he was felicitated publicly by presenting a cheque of Rs. 51 Lakhs which he donated for establishing Vanprastha Sadhak Ashram.

More information regarding his life and works can be found in his autobiography,

'Mera Shankshipt Jivan Charitra'..

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